«Adverse Effects», 2014

«Side reactions» series
82,5 x 73 x 203 cm (each)
found object, mixed media

The emotional reaction of the artist evoked by recent events in Ukraine resulted in a series of objects under the common title «Adverse Effects». These are warning signs which almost shout out loud: TANKS ARE NEAR! The objects are fastened by fragments of different paintings symbolizing the problem and the action provoked by it. Real warning signs are fastened on top, with symbols of potential adverse effects and possible materialization of something awful painted on them by the artist’s hand:

  • disease → needs medicines → possibility of adverse effects;
  • wrong president → dissatisfaction → possibility of war;
  • greed → lawlessness → possibility of imprisonment;
  • mercy → hard labor → possibility of reward;
  • good → make good → possibility of either gratitude or punishment;
  • evil → make evil → possibility of punishment;
  • love → marriage → possibility of divorce;
  • desire → aspiration → possibility of devastation;
  • spirituality → prayer → possibility of unity with the Divine;
  • meditation → quiet → possibility of brain silence.