Taisha 3,14 developed a conception and a model of the stage for the event «I shall return to Ukraine».

On June 23 2018 at 7:30 p.m. a grand gala-concert «I shall return to Ukraine» will take place in Kiev at the Sofiyska Square .The opera stars of world level will meet on a specially built stage. All of them are our compatriots winning confession abroad: Lyudmyla Monastyrska, Alexander Tsymbalyuk, Zoryana Kushpler, Marian Talaba, Olga Bezsmertna.

The design of the stage of the event is consonant to the conception of the project «I shall return to Ukraine». Its realization was carried out by a contemporary Ukrainian artist Taisha 3,14. Up to her concept, a basic instinct which exists in a beehive was taken for the basis, — alive and healthy bees always return home. They return to a beehive with honey for kids and with a willingness to protect the house from enemies. Bee honeycombs, framing the composition, symbolize welfare and comfort.

A symbol of Ukraine — a sunflower was chosen as another element of artistic design. The statements of prominent Ukrainians are pictured on its petals. The stem of the sunflower is spoiled by pests, the part of it is separated, but wounds are bandaged. A tattoo “ heart pierced with an arrow” — symbolizes love to Ukraine and confidence in victory.


A primary model



The model of the «back» of the stage confirmed by the Department of Culture of Kyiv city State administration.

Size 17m*8m